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We have developed this group of modules in response to the demands of Covid-19 and sector feedback. They are designed to support you through online student induction and help you adjust to the demands of remote teaching and learning.

We have rapidly produced these modules to be ready for the start of term, and as a result we haven't been able to carry out user testing before publishing, as we normally would.


The six modules in this category are accompanied by four supporting guides:

Guide 1: How to induct learners

Preparing learners for remote working at the outset

Download Guide 1 Download Accessible Version of Guide 1

Guide 2: Managing performance and quality

How to monitor performance and ensure quality when teaching remotely

Download Guide 2 Download Accessible Version of Guide 2

Guide 3: Managing learner engagement and progress

How to overcome challenges in monitoring engagement and progress remotely

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This example centred around Katie, the Business tutor, accompanies Guide 3:

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Guide 4: A Guide to the Connected and Effective resources 

This Guide is an overview of the individual components of the Connected and Effective resources

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