Essential Digital Skills

Welcome to the Essential Digital Skills (EDS) professional development programme

The Department for Education (DfE) has introduced a new competency framework and associated national standards, which set out essential digital skills for life and work. Young people aged 16-19 and adults with no or low digital skills are now entitled to free training in essential digital skills, in line with existing entitlements for English and maths. This CPD programme is to support you if you are planning, managing or delivering essential digital skills courses based on the national standards or want to develop your own digital skills as a teacher or trainer.

The Essential Digital Skills CPD offer includes six elements to help build skills and confidence:

  1. Interactive self-assessment tool to identify your training needs and signpost relevant training. (You will be prompted to login or register first)
  2. Series of 20 short online learning modules with teaching exemplars and advice on teaching contexts, as well as digital badges to recognise your achievement
  3. Live online and face-to-face CPD events to build your skills and confidence, particularly for teaching the most challenging aspects of the national standards
  4. Online community of practice for sharing ideas, resources and practice from different teaching contexts
  5. Multimedia CPD toolkit to guide you through the programme
  6. Interactive game to help you check your skills and knowledge in a fun way

To connect with your peers who are already planning or delivering EDS courses, visit the community of practice.

You will find a large array of ideas and resources from your peers and from the programme.

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All users engaging with the CoP will be expected to adhere to the Rules of Engagement as outlined in this document.

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To gain your own capability profile and start your training journey with the free EDS resources on this platform, please take your self-assessment: (You will be prompted to login or register first)

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Welcome to DigiVille!

Understanding the importance of EDS and how the digital world is changing our personal and professional lives is vital for our learners.

DigiVille, is a scenario that acts as an introduction to EDS, aiming to illustrate why EDS is important and the types of situations when the learner will need to use it.

You will take on the role of Paula, and work your way through her day, experiencing typical examples of when learners need to use digital skills and the types of problems they have.

EDS Game - Digiville
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