How to teach 'Identifying and solving technical problems' for Essential Digital Skills (Recording)

Recorded Event How to teach Essential Digital Skills (EDS)

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In this recorded session we show how you can support your learners to develop a calm, logical approach to avoiding and dealing with technical challenges. The session covers:

  • What do we mean by Identifying and solving technical problems at the relevant level (Entry or Level 1)
  • Ideas and approaches for how to deliver some of the competencies within the 'Identifying and solving technical problems' section of the Essential Digital Skills national standards
  • How to do this when the delivery is blended or online
  • Where to access relevant resources and support

Who is it for?

For any teacher or trainer delivering digital skills courses.

Training aim

To support teachers in developing their skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver specific competencies for the new national digital skills standards.

Each session will:

  • Explore how specific competencies could be delivered in practice.
  • Highlight useful resources on ETF's Enhance Digital Teaching Platform (EnhanceDTP)


Under 60 minutes with chapters so you can go to the parts of the YouTube video you want to see.


You need to be part of an ESFA-funded learning provider to access this recording.