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Equitable access to digital technologies
Teaching at an academy all learners have access to the same technologies, laptops or desktop computers preloaded with software and apps. With Covid and conducting Virtual training sessions online it has introduced learners with many different types of laptops, iPhones, iPads etc and even internet provider limitations in both speed and amounts of data that can be transfered.

Creating inclusive content: Practice
A very thought provoking module.

Accommodating the learner's digital context
Younger learners are the ones most likely to embrace new teaching technologies with many mature students being less adaptable and willing to take on new ideas in teaching.

Extending your digital skills
While knowing fully how your chosen teaching technology works using lots of different teaching methods or styles can be counter productive for leaners. Sticking to just a few different methods that the learners expects is perhaps more beneficial just as learners don't like changing teachers every few months changing teaching styles to lots of different technologies can be disruptive.

Delivering effective learning with technology

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