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Supporting learners online
This is a very big topic and ambitious to cover in a short bite sized module - but definitely some good points raised. Points about induction are especially important. - some great ETF guidance on this .
Difficult to know whether the idea of asking learners to share image of themselves in their home working setting is wise. Where inequalities exist it could cause feelings of embarrassment for some.
Importance of additional learning need support deserves more than a final sentence!

Delivering effective learning with technology
This is a vital skill and is covered well in this module but it can also be supported by assignment rubrics. Metacognition is helped when tutors incorporate elements of it into assignments - eg marks awarded for evidence of planning, for light touch learning journals etc.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): Teaching Strategies
Some good advice and ideas in the case study but I'd dispute making files available as PDF as a solution - html, googledocs, Word online etc provide better experiences on small devices..
edited on 3rd February 2020

Using hashtags
Nice simple intro to the basic uses and conventions

Immersing learners in Virtual Reality
A big field but great to have an intro and related links

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