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Sharing resources using links and attachments
Useful reminder about how we share information with learners and colleagues.

Creating content - Animation

Managing Personal Workload

Supporting learners online
Building a community of students is important to promote sociability when students learn remotely.
Student support can be provided in numerous ways: through clear instructions for course work, asynchronous learning -short video clips, audio files, links to specialist websites etc- as well as running regular meetings to check how they are getting on- mental health is something one needs to bear in mind at all times.
This was a useful module for me as I was reminded to include more asynchronous teaching/learning into my practice as well as expand the ways in which my learners meet/interact.
edited on 28th May 2021

Managing learner progress and performance
This module indicates what alternative methods there are to ensure that student progress is monitored effectively when learning on line and student engagement, motivation and focus is maintained consistently through the course.

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