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Sharing resources using links and attachments
Useful module explaining the difference between links and attachments "Whilst attachments to messages is useful in communication between individuals, creating lists of links is an efficient way of making large amounts accessible."

Creating content: adapt and edit content
The suggested order of planning is great!
"Presentation software is given in class that presents teaching content: An original presentation is created.
The presentation software is reformatted by saving it as a series of images that illustrates teaching: Images in the presentation are used to illustrate module administration resources using PowerPoint.
Some of the images are chosen and added to a text or word processer document, with descriptive text added to develop the argument that increases depth of learning: Adding text to a series of chosen images taken from the presentation allows learners to explore in better detail what was previously presented. Suitable for leaners that like to reflect and consider using Word.
The descriptive text is narrated into an audio file to be listened to that reinforces learning: The text is taken and turned into a scripted conversation by the tutor as an audio file using Audacity and is shared with learners via the class WhatsApp group or through the VLE. It is enjoyed by leaners who like to learn by listening and replaying the teacher’s voice.
The narration sound file is added to other previous sound files to add to a class podcast that provides a thread of learning content across the programme: Sound files set up as a class podcast provide a sound wall of progressive learning for each leaner to follow at times convenient to them. This approach is appreciated by those that like to reflect on learning and can use the VLE to publish podcasts or post them to a Padlet wall. Files can be created using generic smartphone apps or using Audacity or Google podcasts.
A pin board is created based on the resources. Learners add comments, questions, analysis, adaptations of the learning etc. in readiness for a class discussion that accommodates sophisticated flipped learning: During and after the class discussion, individual views and thoughts are added to a Padlet wall, after the original presentation is converted into a PDF, it is also added to the wall. The wall is kept to provide ‘learning footsteps’ that start considerations by the next class to study the topic."

Self-employment and freelancing: business practice and financial advice
A great module to introduce self-employed to learners in early stages to discuss what it entails "Self-employment means taking personal responsibility for cashflow, tax, VAT, loans and banking, insurance, legal compliance, pay and spending."

Collaborating with employers
A good module to start reflecting at the impact of involving employers in educational programmes, especially the vocational ones

Finding employment online
A really good module to embed employability in your courses familiarising learners with online application system supporting them to reflect on their online profiles "This published profile creates the all-important first impression that a potential employer encounters, so it has to convey the particular messages and image that learners want to deliver."

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