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Creating inclusive content: Principles
Basic rules for the production of resources, but always worth revisiting as a reminder

Using hashtags
More appropriate for younger learners? Few older learners will access Pinterest/instagram/twitter etc, though maybe we should encourage them to?

Planning for teaching with technology
Anything that can provide a proven framework for developing teaching materials can be at least tried to guage its effectiveness.

Digital well-being for all (Part 2)
Although over 2 years old the Guardian report on what data Google and Facebook hold about you makes interesting reading - perhaps worrying reading to some. It also shows how, by using useful tools such as Google maps and routes and Google docs, a picture of your online life can quickly be assembled.
Who has access to this data?????

Accessibility and the law: Getting it right
Largely applies at the organisational level rather than tutors, but something to consider when adding resources that are to be accessed via the VLE?

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