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Accommodating different levels of digital skills
This lesson has been learned this year - but it takes time and knowledge to provide low and high tech resources. We need to share those created and evaluate how easy learners find them.

Using digital tools to reflect and review professional practice
Thought provoking about the uses of an online CPD log. Need something easy to use, upload to and share. Wakelet could be good.

Recording teaching sessions
A good starting point with options for different types of recording. I like the idea of recording a presentation done before the actual lesson. Include lesson plans and notes in the reflective conversation so it is reviewed as a learning experience and not as a dramatic performance.
edited on 2nd July 2021

Ensuring personal wellbeing
Thought provoking about making sure the digital space and work is not oppressive and it works well for learners. In the first year of online teaching, that was difficult to achieve but we can do more now that we know what works well, what can be flipped etc

Managing Personal Workload
Interesting break down of colleague, learner, me and admin time. Important to regard me time as important: blocking our diary for thinking and planning has stopped me rushing from one meeting to the next with nothing planned.

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